A marketing landing page demo site, built with Keystatic, Next.js and Tailwind CSS.

The Marketing Landing Page demo was one of the first projects powered by Keystatic.

Before the Keystatic CLI was a thing (and became the recommended way to start new Keystatic projects), this was one of the "starter templates" for newcomers to Keystatic.

Singletons and Collections

This templates demonstrates the use of both Keystatic content types: singletons and collections:

Missing image ../../assets/projects/marketing-landing-page/dashboard.png

Keystatic config

Here's what the config file looks like:

import {
} from "@keystatic/core";

export default config({
  storage: { kind: "local" },
  singletons: {
    landingPage: singleton({
      label: "Landing Page",
      path: "content/landing-page/",
      schema: {
        heroHeadline: fields.text({ label: "Hero headline" }),
        heroIntroText: fields.text({
          label: "Hero intro text",
          multiline: true,
        footerHeadline: fields.text({ label: "Footer headline" }),
        footerText: fields.text({ label: "Footer text", multiline: true }),
  collections: {
    testimonials: collection({
      path: "content/testimonials/*/",
      label: "Testimonials",
      slugField: "author",
      schema: {
        author: fields.slug({ name: { label: "Author" } }),
        testimonial: fields.text({ label: "Testimonial", multiline: true }),
        featured: fields.checkbox({ label: "Featured testimonial" }),
        twitterHandle: fields.text({ label: "Twitter handle" }),
        avatar: fields.image({
          label: "Avatar",
          directory: "public/images/testimonials",
          validation: { isRequired: true },