Content Management for your Codebase

A tool that makes Markdown, JSON and YAML content in your codebase editable by humans. Live edit content on GitHub or your local file system, without disrupting your existing code and workflows.

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Keystatic is a Thinkmill project
Content edited in a markdoc file, in a code editor
Content edited in a WYSIWIG editor in Keystatic Admin UI
  • First-class CMS experience
  • Markdown & YAML/JSON based
  • TypeScript API
  • No database
  • Markdoc & MDX support

Two-way editing, effortlessly.

Create a new Next.js, Astro or Remix project in seconds with the Keystatic CLI.

Edit content from an the Admin UI, or directly in your codebase files.

Simplify GitHub authentication, optimise images and more with Keystatic Cloud

Want to learn more?

Those sections from the Keystatic docs are good places to start digging.

  • Getting started

    Read about the various options to get started with Keystatic

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    >_ npm create @keystatic@latest

  • Framework guides

    Add Keystatic to an existing Astro or Next.js project

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    npm install @keystatic/core @keystatic/astro

    npm install @keystatic/core @keystatic/next

  • Connect to GitHub

    Learn more about connecting Keystatic to GitHub

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  • Organised content

    Teach Keystatic how to find and organise the content in your codebase

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    └── slug

        ├── index.yaml

        └── other.mdx


    ├── index.json

    └── other.mdoc

  • Content structures

    Setup Collections and Singletons to edit your content

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  • Reader API

    Retrieve data from your project directory with the Reader API

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    const reader = createReader(process.cwd(), keystaticConfig);

    const slugs = await reader().collections.posts.list();

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