Astro: Disable Admin UI Routes in Production


This is a community contribution from Florian Lefebvre — thank you Florian!

When using the local strategy, you may want to disable access to the /keystatic routes in production.

Here's how you can prevent access to (and indexing of) those routes when using the Astro framework.

Conditionally render the Astro plugin

If you've followed the Astro integration guide, you should have a keystatic integration in your astro.config.mjs file. Now, we'll introduce a condition in the configuration file which will enable us to use an environment variable to determine when Keystatic should be mounted.

// astro.config.mjs
import { defineConfig } from 'astro/config'

import react from '@astrojs/react'
import markdoc from '@astrojs/markdoc'
import keystatic from '@keystatic/astro'

export default defineConfig({
-   integrations: [react(), markdoc(), keystatic()],
+   integrations: [react(), markdoc(), ...(process.env.SKIP_KEYSTATIC ? [] : [keystatic()])],
   output: 'hybrid',

The condition above will not mount Keystatic if SKIP_KEYSTATIC=true is present in your environment variables. If SKIP_KEYSTATIC is not defined or set to false, Keystatic will be mounted.

Adding environment variables

We won't cover every host here but you can check out Astro's deploy guides for a more exhaustive list.


If you're deploying your Astro project with Vercel, you can add environment variables in your project's settings.

  • Navigate to Project -> Settings -> Environment variables.
  • In the 'Key' field, type SKIP_KEYSTATIC and in the 'Value' field, type true.
  • Click 'Save'

Check out Vercel's official docs for further details.


If you're deploying your Astro project with Netlify, you can add environment variables in your site's configuration page.

  • Navigate to Site -> Site configuration -> Environment variables.
  • Add a new variable by clicking 'Add a variable' and 'Add a single variable'.
  • Set the 'Key' as SKIP_KEYSTATIC and the 'Value' as true.
  • Click 'Save variable'

Refer to Netlify's official docs for additional guidance.


Re-deploy your project for your changes to take effect. Keystatic routes will no longer deploy to production (routes won't be indexed or added to sitemaps) and you can still run Keystatic on your local machine.