Image field

AvatarThe avatar for this user

The image field is used to store an image. In the Admin UI it renders an image picker component.

In local storage mode, the file will be saved in your repository. In github storage mode, the file will be committed into the repository.

Storage options

You can optionally specify a directory from your project tree to store the image in. This is useful when you want your images in a public or static directory, to adhere to conventions for a specific framework.

There's also an optional publicPath that lets you define how the image path should be retrieved when reading the value of the field.

Example usage

avatar: fields.image({
  label: 'Avatar',
  description: 'The avatar for this user',
  // This will output the images in the "public" directory
  directory: 'public/images/avatars',
  publicPath: '/images/avatars/'

Type signature

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