Slug field

The title of the post
This will define the file/folder name for this entry

The slug field auto-generates a URL-friendly string alongside another text string.

Typically used in scenarios where you'd want a text field to define the slug of an entry — think of a post title or an author name. You set that field to a slug field instead. It will store the text string you need, while also generating a slug for you.

You will be presented with two input fields in the Admin UI. You can manually override that slug value, and have control over the labels for both fields.

Usage example

title: fields.slug({
  name: {
    label: 'Title',
    description: 'The title of the post',
  // Optional slug label overrides
  slug: {
    label: 'SEO-friendly slug',
    description: 'This will define the file/folder name for this entry'

The following components have a slugField option:

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