Next.js: Disable Admin UI Routes in Production


This is a community contribution from Funabab.

When using the local strategy, you may want to only allow access to the /keystatic routes during development, but with the default Next.js setup, these routes are still accessible in production.

Here's how you can prevent access to those routes in production when using the Next.js framework.

Define condition for showing admin UI

If you've followed the Next.js integration guide, you should have a keystatic.config.ts file in the root of your project. Now, in the keystatic.config.ts file, we'll define and export the condition for accessing the admin UI.

// `keystatic.config.ts` file
import { config, collection, fields } from '@keystatic/core';

+  export const showAdminUI = process.env.NODE_ENV === "development"

export default config({
    storage: {
      kind: 'local',
    collections: {
      posts: collection({
        label: 'Posts',
        slugField: 'title',
        path: 'posts/*',
        format: { contentField: 'content' },
        schema: {
          title: fields.slug({ name: { label: 'Title' } }),
          content: fields.markdoc({
            label: 'Content',

In the snippet above, we've define the condition to access the admin UI to during development using the NODE_ENV environment variable. This environment variable is likely to be set to "production" during a production deployment on hosts like Vercel, Netlify etc. Kindly consult your host documentation to confirm it production deployment settings.

Disable admin UI render

With the condition defined, we'll now disable the rendering of the admin UI from the /app/keystatic/layout.ts file.

// `app/keystatic/layout.tsx` file
import KeystaticApp from './keystatic'
+  import { showAdminUI } from '../../keystatic.config'
+  import { notFound } from 'next/navigation'

export default function RootLayout() {
+     if (showAdminUI === false) {
+        notFound()
+     }
    return <KeystaticApp />;

Now, deploy to production while ensuring NODE_ENV is set to any value except "development" (should be handled automatically if you are deploying to vercel or netlify). You would see that accessing /keystatic page will return a 404 page.

Disable admin API routes (optional)

Keystatic admin uses API Routes to get data for rendering. Since we've disabled the access to that, we could also disable it API routes.

// `api/keystatic/[...params]/route.ts` file
import { makeRouteHandler } from '@keystatic/next/route-handler';
-  import keystaticConfig from '../../../../keystatic.config';
+  import keystaticConfig, { showAdminUI } from '../../../../keystatic.config';

-  export const { POST, GET } = makeRouteHandler({
-     config: keystaticConfig,
-  });

+  export const { POST, GET } = (() => {
+     const notFoundRouteHandler = () => {
+         return new Response(null, {
+             status: 404,
+         })
+     }
+     if (showAdminUI === false) {
+         return { GET: notFoundRouteHandler, POST: notFoundRouteHandler }
+     }    
+     return makeRouteHandler({
+         config: keystaticConfig,
+     })
+  })()